how i got here... ٩(˘◡˘)۶

I'm currently a UX/UI Designer at a startup called Lyceum Health, after an exciting transition from working with numbers to pixels...

Previously, I was studying Actuarial & Financial Mathematics at McMaster University, but in 2020, I decided to pivot towards something that had always intrigued me – design.

The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman was my first intro to the UX world. And when I started my bootcamp at Designlab, everything started to feel real. I was excited to blend my analytical/problem-solving background with artistic expression.

Soon after my career shift, I found myself at a startup called Lyceum Health, where I have the privilege of working on a B2B desktop product for healthcare workers and their patients. From the beginning, I was involved in the entire product lifecycle, from ideation to launch. Through this opportunity, I have learned the importance of establishing a process and best practices. Collaboration, open communication, and constantly asking for feedback have been crucial to help lead to our success and fast turnaround times.

I also freelanced for a few months at another startup called Quantified Citizen, and won 1st place in a Designathon organized by McMaster University.

Lyceum Health
Jul 2021-Present | Toronto (Remote)
Health technology startup focusing on B2B Desktop products to manage patients and improve clinic workflows.
Quantified Citizen
Jun 2022-Mar 2023| Remote
Wellness mobile application allowing users to participate in scientific research studies and track their interests.
1st Place Winner - Designathon x TWG, a Deloitte business
Nov 2021 | McMaster University (Remote)
Within 48 hours, my team and I created a mobile app to help make the Toronto transit system more accessible.
Dec 2020-May 2021 | Remote
Design 101 & UX Academy
McMaster University
2015-2019 | Hamilton, Canada
BSc. Actuarial & Financial Mathematics (Minor in Economics)
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