I'm Taylor.

a bit more about me...
I often try to view situations from different perspectives - which makes me think a lot about how people work, and why they work that way. This mindset combined with my analytical background as a math graduate has allowed me to approach problems in various ways and make empathetic decisions.

I’m currently a Product Designer at Lyceum Health, designing web applications that help improve the relationship between healthcare professionals and their patients. To continue growing I also freelance at Quantified Citizen, where I design a mobile app that helps users complete scientific studies and contribute to their health.

When I’m not designing, you can catch me hanging out with my dog, crocheting, continuing my 600+ day streak on Duolingo, or watching kdrama/anime (◕‿◕✿)

📍 Toronto, ON
🎓  BSc Actuarial and Financial Mathematics & Minor in Economics
💻  Designlab’s UX Academy


I also like participating in design events sometimes!

Fun Fact

I spent a summer in Thailand encouraging students to speak English. I had to live and work with people from various cultural backgrounds, and used a lot of visuals to communicate with my students and break through the language barrier. This experience helped me be more open-minded and view situations from a larger perspective.